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Frozen yogurt is sometimes referred to as Frozen yogurt ice cream and often mis-associated with freezing yogurt. If a normal yogurt is frozen then it will freeze into a solid lump as the typical solids content of a yogurt is very low.

The large ammount of water (typically 82%) causes the low solids yogurt product to freeze hard. Frozen yogurt manufacture / Production follows the basic processing principles of ice cream manufacture with recipe changes to increase the solids content of the frozen yogurt recipe and add live yogurt cultures as well as giving a clean tart taste to enhance and boost the real fruit taste..

Watson Dairy Consulting have been actively involved in Frozen Yogurt recipe development and manufacturing processes for over 20 years.

We are Frozen Yogurt experts and provide recipes and process know how that ensures the quality of your product first time. An example of a recent frozen yogurt project undertaken by Watson Dairy Consulting for a Turkish company can be found here. This project involved the identification of a suitable local manufacturer together with the development of recipes to strict requirements for calorie content and taste.

We can provide recipes and expertise for liquid mix Frozen Yogurt for soft serve machines, soft scoop Frozen Yogurt product for retail sale, frozen yogurt briquettes and individual portions of Frozen Yogurt for use in flavour blending machines and also Frozen Yogurt powder formulations.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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