Design and build of milk powder and butteroil factory in Pakistan

The client:
MFPL Pakistan (Millac Foods).

The brief:
To lead the design team and supervise the building and installation of a new greenfield dairy factory in Pakistan to manufacture 10,000 tonnes per annum of fortified milk powders, cream, butter and butter-oil to European standards, which would replace the current milk powder products imported into Pakistan
In addition to this, Watson Dairy Consulting  project managed the dismantling and shipping of equipment including Spray Dryer, Evaporator, Separation, Butteroil etc from a recently closed medium sized UK Dairy Factory to Lahore, Pakistan.
The solution:
Watson Dairy Consulting provided services to supervise the marking, dismantling, containerising and shipping of equipment, including preparing detailed contents lists and photography for insurance purposes. We guided the team of engineers, architects and civil engineers in Pakistan to ensure the building of a well designed facility and identified any missing equipment together with recommending which items should be renewed or serviced.

The factory is today recognised as one of the leading dairy plants in Pakistan.

June 2001
November 2001

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