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Infant Formula Milk Powder Manufactruring is one of the most difficult, regulated (CODEX link for general standards but check own country laws) and high risk branches of food manufacturing requiring great care and attention to detail at all stages.

The barriers to entry into this sector are quite high due to the levels of expertise required.

In today climate it is critical for the protection of the brand, the company and the company's executives that "all due diligence" is followed in evcery aspect of manufacturing.

The infant fed on infant formula is often "completely" reliant on the nutrients in the formula to provide all the nutrients required for healthy growth and development at this extremely vunerable stage.

There are numerous variations on equipment and recipes used but principally there are three main production methods

  1. Wet mix or integral process.
  2. Dry blending or base and premix process.
  3. Liquid UHT - Sterile product

Integral process for Infant Formula manufacturers

This is the most secure method of production from a microbial viewpoint. All materials on receipt at the plant are reconstituted, heat treated and spray dried.

Dry blending Infant Formula Milk Powder

This is a higher risk method for Infant Formula Milk Powder Manufacturers as some of the imported base powders or pre-mixes are not pasteurized on receipt but directly blended giving rise to risk in blending evenly and also it is accepted best practice in food manufacturing that all materials arriving on site are heat treated.

There are benefits associated with both methods from a product quality point of view i.e. dry bending allows some of the highly oxidative minerals to be added at the dry blend stage potentially increasing the shelf life of the product and enhancing the flavour profile whilst at the same time giving exonomies of base powder manufacturing.

UHT Liquid Ready to Feed Infant Formula production

A more costly method but also more convenient and secure.

Mostly used for premature and sick / vulnerable infants but it is envisaged that this market will grow as prices reduce with volume Liquid "Ready to Feed" Infant Formula manufacturing increasing.

The treatment and handling of oils is critical and it is imperative that a very robust suplier risk assessment and supplier audit system is in place for category 1 suppliers. Supply chain development and control procedures must be implemented prior to manufacturing commencing.

For manufacturing security all necessary Critical Control Points must be identified. (CCP's)..

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