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Watson Dairy Consulting can work with you and your team and your local Dairy Architect to design a world class infant formula baby milk milk processing plant to international standards whilst also conforming to local norms. We work closely with you and your teams of engineers and production staff to fully understand your requirements and ensure that local legislation is complied with.

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UHT Milk Plant Design

Why use a Dairy Factory Design consultant - This is a significant spend and there will be savings to be made both in design, construction, equipment selection and operation by having a dairy consultant experienced in the latest Dairy Factory Designs to work closely with your team, guiding and helping with decision making and paying attention to detail. Getting it right first time. The detail is very important and often overlooked e.g. design of doors, dairy change rooms, dairy laboratories, dairy floor and wall finishes etc.

We will design a Dairy plant that is optimised for people and processes with an emphasis on making it an easy enjoyable work area (minimising operator walking miles) whilst taking account of high and low risk, health and safety and taking account of your environmental concerns

We bring with us global expertise and knowledge of the latest resources and techniques to ensure that the best possible solution is met. We will see a project through from its early stage of feasibility sample feasibility for milk powder plant through to dairy staff recruitment, training and commissioning, when it is up and running and fully operational.

Dairy Plant Designs

We cater for:

  • Dairy LINE EXTENSIONS and expansions
  • With a growing dairy conmpany there is a continuous pressure to expand/ increase sales in line with market expectations and this process requires specialist input.

    You may decide to employ the services of a major international accounting firm whou would perhaps employ the services of a dairy specialist to assist them or you may decide to employ the dairy consultant directly. Whichever way you decide it is ok as we can work directly with you and your team or through a third party.

We can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • New Dairy factory design - New Dairy Plant Design
  • Country Selection - we can evaluate the investment pros and cons of each country location
  • Site Selection - Greenfield or Brownfield - options evaluation
  • Existing business acquisition evaluation
  • Infant Formula Buildings design and cost
  • Infant Formula milk powder processing equipment design and cost
  • Budget cost for a new infant formula milk powder factory
  • Infant Formula Process design
  • New Dairy Factory Tender documents & Dairy Factory contract preparation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Mi;k Powder Factory ready for Quote (RFQ) Competitive tendering document preparation
  • Sourcing Dairy equipment both new and good used / reconditioned Dairy Plant
  • Dairy Project Management / Dairy Project Supervision
  • Process descriptions
  • Training
  • Dairy Plant Commissioning
  • Dairy Product Recipe formulation & new dairy product development
  • Dairy Product packaging design
  • Dairy Manufacturing Quality systems - ISO 9000/22000 and HACCP
  • Dairy Product Process and people flows
  • People management/HR systems/organisation chart preparation
  • Option appraisals
  • Business planning
  • Dairy Factory Budgeting
  • Dairy Factory Funding
  • Dairy Manufacturing Due diligence
  • Infant Formula Recipe Formulation
  • Baby milk recipe formulation
  • Infant Formula Ingredients List
  • Infant Formula Expert Witness
  • Infant Formula Consultant
  • Dairy Expert Witness
UHT Baby Milk Plant Design

Some examples of the work that we have undertaken can be found in our portfolio. We provide consultancy and expertise on many types of Dairy Factory Designs, ensuring ease of operation.

We take into account the activity level, the flow of people, vehicles, raw materials and finished products.

We ensure personnel safety and strict hygiene controls by designing in high, medium and low hygiene cross overs points with minimal clothing changes.

Air flows and pressures are calculated to ensure a positive air flow from high risk to medium and low risk.

Window, doors, wash points, ledges, cills, ceiling, wall and floor finishes, drains, wet and dry areas are all paramount to good design.

It is Watson Dairy Consulting's attention to detail that ensures a new factory design and build runs smoothly. (View portfolio)

  • Milk powder Factory Design (Link to simplified calculator for indicating profitability)
  • Infant Formula Milk Powder Factory Design
  • Whey & demineralised whey powders Factory Design
  • Butter, butteroil, cream and ghee Factory Design
  • Ice cream Factory Design
  • Pasteurised milk
  • Cheese (soft cheese, hard cheese, blue cheese, processed cheese, mozzarella cheese, string cheese)
  • UHT milk
  • Yoghurt (including Lassie type fermented drinks)
  • UHT
  • Lactose
  • Proteins (WPC)
  • Demineralised Whey Powder
  • Clotted Cream
  • Cappuccino Powder
  • Coffee whitener
  • Tea whitener
  • Fortified Milk Powders
  • UHT ready to Feed Infant Formula
Infant Formula Plant Design

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We are one of the most experienced Dairy Consultancies operating globally. For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

John Watson
Office: +44 1224 861 507
Mobile: +44 7931 776 499

We are a longstanding member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.
Member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology IOD


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John Watson
Office: +44 1224 861 507
Mobile: +44 7931 776 499

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We are a longstanding member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.


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