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Watson Dairy Consulting specialises in the dairy sector and provides international market research services for dairy manufacturers. We assist manufactures in identifying and evaluating the scale of opportunities in their particular sector by undertaking dairy market research and feasibility studies. We can conduct the necessary primary and secondary research to test the viability of new or expanding projects. We have up to date knowledge and experience of the global dairy market are happy to work with other agencies on an as required confidential basis.
We believe that market research holds the key to taking your business forward. Good research allows you to build on your current success and will help you evolve, grow and enter new markets, with the re-assurance that you are doing the right thing.
We will ascertain which form of research to conduct and then go on to undertake it on your behalf. We are happy to do commissions for short and specific projects, as well as ongoing market research with monthly reports.
View some of the market research projects we have been involved in:
Infant formula milk market research - Global 2009
Manufacturing and Distribution of Dairy Products in Iran 2009
Iran Infant Formula Milk Powder Market Research 2009
Iran Dairy Industry
Pakistan Dairy
Infant formula Milk Powder ingredients market demand 2009
Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan infant formula markets
Iran processed and soft cheese market

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We are a longstanding member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.


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