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Watson Dairy Consulting provides support to organisations in the dairy industry looking for investors. We help build strategic alliances, joint ventures and foreign partnerships to give dairy manufacturers flexibility and a competitive edge in local markets.

Forming strategic alliances internationally can reduce income risk from regional economic fluctuations and price movements and also result in economies of scale and reduce costs. Watson Dairy Consulting can help identify and form these partnerships using the contacts it has built up in the industry over the last 33 years.
If you wish to grow your business through acquisition or wish to sell a dairy factory or complete business then Watson Dairy Consulting can assist you in your search for a buyer/partner.
Strategic Alliance definition: An agreement between two or more organisations stating that the alliance partners will behave in an agreed manner in order to achieve a common benefit. Strategic alliances usually make sense when the organisations involved have complementary strengths.
What you bring (and don't bring) to the collaboration. The partnerships are forged when you and someone who has strengths that complement yours form and alliance for a mutual benefit. Your strengths should compensate for your partner's weaknesses and vice versa to accomplish together what you could not do economically separately. The secret to achieving a successful alliance is in not trying to be someone else or attempting to be as good as your partner or trying to be good at everything you do. An Alliance is most useful when you know your strengths and weaknesses, and understanding how someone else's abilities complement your own. Identify how you can complement each others strengths Identify how you can cover each others weaknesses Do you both need to cover the same area or can one do this for both? e.g. do you both have chilled distribution across the country or does one cover a part of the country and could more easily integrate with your systems. To assess if a strategic Alliance is viable and long term you will need to quantify the risks and benefits and proceed only if the benefits are sound and enhance both the businesses in a symbiotic manner. Identify your reservations to proceeding Holding back can be costly as can proceeding without full clarity
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