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Dairy process optimisation, development and improvement

Watson Dairy Consulting provides Dairy manufacturers process review and DAIRY optimisation services.

Dairy Optimization:
We help dairy companies with single or multiple manufacturing plants to improve their productivity and profitability by carrying out a review of processes and to help put in place best practice and to optimise efficiecy and yield.

Utilities: Increased utility costs costs and the pressure to reduce carbon footprints alone should ensure a focus on process optimization.

Dairy operational staff, dairy managers and dairy supervisors are the best people to identify operational savings and paybacks, when we come in we are able to quickly discuss / review with them, confirm and prioritise areas that should be budgeted for improvement and confirm / backup staff to confirm levels of savings and payback. It is critical that staff feel thet it is their suggestions that are being implemented and not some consultants instruction as they need to commit to and make and manage the necessary changes

Dairy Factory and Processing benchmark reviews Dairy operations / dairy processing scans have resulted in immediate results and annual savings exceeding £1m per annum on a single site / single process.

Why use an outside dairy consultant?

It can make a significant difference to have an independent experienced dairy expert, external to the dairy business to review and benchmark your operations, prioritising of areas for improvement based upon immediate and long term benefit to the dairy business.

We identify inefficient dairy plant, procedures and processes and evaluate critical process equipment vulnerabilities and optimise dairy yield whilst minimising dairy waste in product and utilities.

We provide you with a report with recommendations for change if identified.

We can work closely with you and your team to assist in rapidly identifying the cost benefit prioritisation for change.

Lean manufacturing & performance management

We work with your team to identify, prepare and implement management reporting formats & Key Performance Indicators relevant to your product range and processes.

Our extensive expertise within dairy manufacturing, quality systems, management, training and engineering makes us ideally placed to rapidly assess an existing business, factory or a new business acquisition and make recommendations on its optimum integration into the core business including the identification of strengths and weaknesses. Dairy Processing Benchmarks

Action list to be agreed prior to commencement of a dairy plant optimisation review:

Define Objectives:
  • Clearly define the objectives of the dairy process optimization review, including improving dairy efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing dairy product quality, increasing production capacity, and strengthening quality and brand security.
  • Assemble a Cross-Functional Team.
    Form a team consisting of experts from various departments, including production, quality assurance, engineering, maintenance, operations, and quality control. Ensure representation from different levels and areas of expertise.
  • Gather Process Data:
    Collect comprehensive data on the current manufacturing processes, including equipment specifications, production parameters, quality control measures, brand security protocols, and any existing process documentation.
  • Dairy Process Mapping and Analysis:
    Conduct a detailed process mapping exercise to identify all steps and subprocesses involved in the manufacturing processes. Use process flow diagrams and value stream mapping techniques to visualize the workflow and identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement.
  • Performance Evaluation:
    Assess the performance of each process step by analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), including throughput, cycle times, equipment downtime, yield rates, quality metrics, and brand security measures. Identify areas of underperformance or vulnerabilities that could compromise product quality or brand reputation.
  • Identify Improvement Opportunities:
    Analyze the data and observations to identify specific areas where process optimization can yield significant improvements in efficiency, quality assurance, and brand security. This may include equipment upgrades, automation, enhanced quality control measures, and robust brand protection protocols.
  • Prioritize Improvement Initiatives:
    Prioritize the identified improvement opportunities based on their potential impact on efficiency, product quality, and brand security. Consider short-term quick wins as well as longer-term strategic improvements aligned with quality and brand protection objectives.
  • Develop Action Plans:
    Create action plans for each improvement initiative, clearly defining the objectives, tasks, responsibilities, timelines, and desired outcomes. Assign ownership to specific team members and establish mechanisms for tracking progress, including specific measures to enhance quality control and brand security.
  • Implement and Monitor:
    Execute the action plans, making necessary changes to processes, equipment, quality control procedures, and brand security protocols. Monitor the implementation progress and regularly review the results against the defined objectives, paying close attention to improvements in quality assurance and brand protection measures.
  • Continuous Improvement Culture:
    Foster a culture of continuous improvement with a strong focus on quality and brand security. Engage employees at all levels, provide training and support on quality control measures and brand protection protocols, and encourage proactive identification and reporting of potential risks or vulnerabilities.
  • Review and Adjust:
    Regularly review the results of the process optimization initiatives, including quality control measures and brand security protocols, and make adjustments as needed. Stay updated on evolving industry standards, regulatory requirements, and emerging technologies to ensure continuous enhancement of quality and brand protection practices.
  • Documentation and Standardization:
    Document the optimized processes, updated quality control measures, and brand security protocols to ensure consistency and knowledge transfer.
    Develop standardized work instructions, quality assurance guidelines, and brand protection procedures to support ongoing process optimization efforts and maintain a secure and reputable brand image.
    Working closely with you, we tailor the action list to the specific characteristics and challenges of the dairy manufacturing plant. We review your quality control and brand security to ensure comprehensive and effective optimization efforts.

    We review all types of dairy products manufacturing plants including Infant Formula Milk Powders.

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John Watson
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We are a longstanding member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.
Member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology IOD


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John Watson
Office: +44 1224 861 507
Mobile: +44 7931 776 499

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We are a longstanding member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.


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