Cheese Racking
Cheese - including mozzarella and blue cheese

Cheese store racks, racking, shelving and storage

WATSON Dairy Consulting are UK agents for hygienic cheese storage and ageing racks, Shelves and racking systems:

We work closely with our European manufacturers to service your UK requirements whilst maintaining competitive pricing:

  • Cheese Ageing
  • Cheese Salting
  • Cheese Storing

Cheese shelving for hard, semi-hard and soft cheese.
We offer a wide range of shelves, racks and grills made in polypropylene for cheese storage and handling in conformity with EC norms for cheese stores.

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cheese rack CHEESE RACK Cheese Stack

cheese racking Parmesan Cheese Rack Pecorino Cheese Store

Cheese store Cheese Shelf Cheese Rack pallet

Cheese Storage Systems Cheese Rack Stackable Gorgonzola Cheese Rack

  • Non-porous cheese shelf surface
  • Easy washing and sanitization of chese shelving
  • Reduction of undesirable mould formation in cheese stores
  • Reduction of weight-loss during cheese storage
  • Ease of moving cheese in stores
  • Improved ventilation of cheese storage on shelves
  • Capability of washing cheese racks in automatic CIP lines
  • Cheese shelves are resistant to wear
  • Easy installation of cheese racking systems
  • Improved Cheese humidity control
  • Reduced undesirable cheese mould formation

For more information on cheese storeage and handling or to discuss your requirements for cheese racks please contact us.

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We are a longstanding member of the Society of Dairy Technology and have Fellowship of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.


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